At Hotel Investment Partners (HIP), we are renowned both for our dedication and perseverance, as well as for the passion and expert knowledge we invest in each project and with which we are able to generate unique proposals. To achieve this we know that the team is the focal point of our strategy and key to achieving the proposed goals. Thus, we provide training for all our employees, for specific job positions as well as for personal development.

We have developed a code of conduct that prevents conflicts of interest and ensures that the dignity of people, ethics, common sense and reputation of the company prevail.  
We are well aware that our employees dedicate a great deal of time and energy to their work. Thus, we have a nutrition and health programme and promote leisure time.  We believe in the importance of having a fulfilled life in order to develop a complete career and to achieve the identified objectives.

The HIP business model

Our business model is based on the following principles:

modelo de negocio HI


The HIP strategy

Since HIP was founded in 2015, our portfolio has been growing through hotel acquisitions. The aim is to create value through the transformation, conceptualization and maximization of our business operations.

Relevant aspects related to hotel investments

  • Leisure hotels in the best locations in the most important tourist destinations.
  • Hotels with high repositioning potential.
  • Large hotels with an average of 200 rooms.
  • Leveraging best-in-class brands and partners to strengthen the profile of each hotel and area.
  • A focus on the active management of operations, working together with hotel operators.