The firm commitment with the legality and business ethics by the management of Hotel Investment Partners, S.A, its group of companies, as well as all those companies managed by Hotel Investment Partners, S.A. (hereinafter referred to collectively as "HIP"), motivates the development and adoption of the Code of Conduct as part of the Model of Criminal Compliance and Risk Prevention developed by HIP. 

This Code intends to provide a frame of reference through the establishment of principles and rules of conduct applicable to all professionals whithin HIP, including both the respective members of the different administrative bodies, directors, managers and employees, regardless of their hierarchical level and of its geographical or functional location, and suppliers of all kinds, intermediary agents, subcontracted companies, companies managed by HIP and all those persons who, without being employees, act on behalf of HIP under a contractual and / or professional relationship following the corporate guidelines.

Respecting and enforcing the principles and rules of conduct that make up our Code of Conduct is crucial for the growth and success of HIP. We pursue the creation of long-term value and our consolidation in the sector, maintaining a firm and constant commitment to the well-being and development of the personnel and the society.

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